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Peer Feedback... The Best Kept Secret in Performance Management
Authored By: HR Performance on 1/25/2017

What if every employee at your organization got a sincere note of appreciation every day at work?  The kind of note that reminded them why they worked so hard and inspired them to drive amazing results.

Enter Performance Pro’s new peer feedback tool.  Employees leave feedback about any other employee right on the spot, any time they see a co-worker have a rock star moment. Not only does crowd-sourced feedback add to a positive culture at your company, it makes year-end appraisals oh-so-much easier.

It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!

Take a look at the related research by University of Southern California’s Dr. Gerry Ledford.
Or skip the research and watch the above video to see how to incorporate this tool and start getting peer feedback today. 

And did we mention? The peer feedback tool is free. Why? We think that because you are awesome, you deserve awesome software - software that easily adapts to accommodate your changing performance management needs. Seriously…could this day get any better?!


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