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Performance Pro is one of the longest-standing automated employee performance management applications on the market. Performance Pro:

  • Automates the employee performance evaluation process
  • Provides customizable automated email reminders to managers, employees, and 360-degree reviewers for evaluations on any frequency (i.e. annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, etc.).
  • Includes dashboards, workflows, customizable templates, writing assistants, legal checks, goal cascading, customizable employment action forms, robust reporting
  • Helps automate not just performance appraisals, but ongoing employee performance

Performance Pro was developed over 20 years ago by HR industry experts and has out-lived many competing employee performance management software products. Performance Pro leverages:

  • 140+ defined (but customizable) competencies with behaviorally-anchored rating scales
  • 500+ customizable goals that can be cascaded throughout the organization at any level and aligned with company objectives
  • 350+ customizable evaluation templates, based on specific job titles, including comprehensive, federally-compliant job descriptions
  • A robust library of manager resources to provide guidance on performance management best practices

Find out how quick and easy it can be to reduce administrative expenses, make the employee appraisal process easier on managers and align employees in engaging ways that will help them grow your business. Connect with us below, or call us at 800-940-7522.

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