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HR Performance Solutions: Performance Pro

Reduce Administration Expenses by up to 67% and boost employee performance with our high-value talent management system Performance Pro.

Performance Pro by HR Performance Solutions (formerly HRN) is a powerful, and easy-to-use talent management system that serves companies across a broad range of industries. Performance Pro:

  • Documents and measures employee performance
  • Simplifies the employee appraisal process for managers
  • Communicates and aligns corporate strategies to department and individual performance objectives.

Communication and alignment are critical to employee performance. One study reported that organizations with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees are less engaged. Plus, engaged employees are retained employees; and replacing an employee can cost 20% or more of their salary.

Thanks to Performance Pro, improving employee performance and reducing costs with the right talent management system is easier than you think; and far less costly. HR Performance Solutions’ decades of HR experience, successful implementations and expert customer support translate into products that deliver the highest value possible to our clients.

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