Did You Know – HRN Customizes Employment Policies?

Did You Know – HRN Customizes Employment Policies?

Authored By: HR Performance on 5/16/2014

Did you know?  You can dress for warm weather without breaking your organization’s dress code.

With the warm weather rapidly approaching you may be tempted to whip out those crop tops, short shorts and flip flops – DON’T!  You can dress stylish and still be within dress code.  Instead of a halter or crop top, opt for a breezy tank covering the shoulders or short sleeve top.  Instead of shorts, capri pants or a skirt can be just as cooling.  As for the men, khakis and a nice cotton dress shirt go much farther in the workplace than a pair of gym shorts and your favorite t-shirt.

There are numerous ways to dress comfortably without offending your coworkers and management. There is nothing worse than trying to keep that “too short” skirt pulled down or the far too small top in place, you know the one I am talking about. And, while your undergarments may be in the height of fashion, they should not be seen by your neighbor in the next cube. Don’t be “the one” in the office that everyone is thinking to themselves “I can’t believe she/he wore that to work!”  We have all seen and privately thought that before.  The best rule to remember this summer is, dress for the body you have, not the body you want!  I’m just saying…

If you need help with your dress code policy or any of your other employment policies, HRN can help!!  Contact one of our consultants here.

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