Find Your Purpose

What’s the purpose of your compensation philosophy in your organization? Compease can support the purpose of your compensation philosophy with full automation, allowing you to professionally manage your organization's salary administration with ease and confidence. Review the most common purposes below to identify how Compease can support your organization.

Dollar Market Competitiveness:

I need software that allows me to market-price jobs with competitive salary survey data so that I am able to attract and retain top talent with: 

  •  Step-by-step job evaluation system
  •  Trusted salary data
  •  Salary grades and ranges

Automation Equal Pay:

I need software that allows me to identify equal pay for equal work and wage compression blind spots with:

  •  External market data
  •  Internal salary range benchmarking
  •  Expert compensation consultants

Market Competitiveness Market Adjustments:

I need software that automatically evaluates and structures my organizations pay based on internal salary parity and external labor market parity with:

  •  Simplified benchmarking 
  •  Job matching 
  •  Compensation consulting expertise

Equal Pay Merit Pay Modeling:

I need software that allows me to model out various merit pay possibilities based on performance and/or compa-ratio with:  

  •  Modeling of financial impact to the budget 
  •  Merit plan allocation to managers
  •  Automated merit and bonus approvals 

 ModelingPay for Performance:

I need software that allows me to identify flight risks, engage my top performers and make rewards more meaningful with:  

  •  Analytics to identify high-performers and flight risks 
  •  Merit plans that recognize contributions
  •  Discretionary merit options


I need cloud-based compensation software that can confidently replace current error-prone spreadsheets and manual processes used to support our compensation practices with:  

  •  Job evaluation and benchmarking
  •  Automated merit scenario planning
  •  Annual salary updates

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