Find Your Purpose

What’s the purpose of employee learning and development in your organization? TLC 360 can support employee learning and development with an integrated learning and performance management software solution, allowing you to deliver ongoing training that supports position-based skill or competency development. Review the most common purposes below to identify how TLC 360 can support your organization.

 Employee and/or Career Development Plans: Development

I need software that is self-directed and can provide employees opportunities to develop relevant learning paths that link directly to performance and career goals with:

  •  Current and prospective position competency-linked training
  •  Customizable learning paths that guide employees as they progress in their careers
  •  Knowledge retention tools to help employees apply what they learn

 Automate Your New Hire Learning Program: Development

I need software that can support our new hires getting up to speed sooner so they can effectively contribute to the organization with:

  •  Customizable mission, vision, and organizational culture learning plans
  •  Learning plans to develop skills on product or service offerings
  •  Assignment and tracking capabilities for both required and role-based compliance courses 

 Integrated Learning & Performance Management: Development

I need software to enhance employee development through automated competency-based course assignment and ongoing assessment of progress with:

  •  Integrated learning management software that drives competency-based learning activities
  •  Training plans to develop current and desired position competencies
  •  Centralized tracking to monitor and measure development progress and potential

 Learning Content:Development

I need software with proven course content from award-winning libraries in a variety of learning formats (microlearning, interactive, quizzes, and video) with:

  •  Thousands of industry-standard courses 
  •  An integrated course authoring system
  •  Access to skill area content: Business Specific, HR, IT, Leadership and Sales


 Reporting & Analytics: Development

I need software to measure and continuously enhance learning and development with:

  •  Competency-based, succession planning analytics
  •  Learning program compliance and development completion reporting
  •  Employee skill gap coaching reports that are based on actual exam results

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