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What’s the purpose of performance management in your organization? Performance Pro can support the purpose of your employee check-ins, coaching, and evaluation process with user-friendly business tools that help eliminate task-heavy headaches, and provide the ability to automate, track, and enhance overall employee performance. Review the most common purposes below to identify how Performance Pro can support the performance management culture at your organization.

 Integrated Learning & Performance ManagementDevelopment

Performance Management (Performance Pro, our performance management solution) and Talent Development (The Learning Center, our learning management solution) in one seamless user experience. Enhance development through automated competency based course assignment and ongoing assessment of progress. 

  •   Include learning course content with processes in performance management (Develolpment Plans, Evaluations, 90-day Reviews, Performance Improvement Plans, etc.)
  •   Leverage pre-mapped course content to competencies for simplified position-specific learning plans based on skill requirements
  •   Automated course assignments based on performance measures

Pay for Performance Performance Driven Salary Administration: 

Support your merit increase philosophy with full automation. Our software allows performance measures from Performance Pro (our performance management solution) to push seamlessly into Compease (our compensation management solution) for salary administration and bonus allocation.

  •   Performance measures that move seamlessly into compensation
  •   Automated merit increase functionality
  •   Automated Manager Budget Functionality
  •   Automated Bonus Allocation Functionality
  •   Compensation Consulting for best practice Guidance
  •   Compensation Structure Creation
  •   Job Evaluation & Analysis
  •   Reliable Market Data Aggregate for your positions

Feedback Continuous On-Going Feedback:

We support your culture of continuous, ongoing, meaningful feedback in your organization. Performance Pro, our performance management platform has a functioning integration with Microsoft Teams in our Performance Pro Teams App for Engagement. Allowing for real-time employee engagement analytics. Providing managers with the information they need to create meaningful check-in experiences for employees. 

  •   Employee data and hierarchy feeds into the Teams app giving managers visibility into how employees feel about their work and 9 best practice categories for measuring employee engagement
  •   Enhance the existing check-in culture in the organization
  •   Enhance manager-employee communication
  •   Automatically send notes from engagement to the performance management record for the employee

Automation Automation:

Performance Pro software automates your current or newly designed performance management program with:

  •   Customized weightings, ratings and competency definitions
  •   Multiple workflows for check-ins, evaluations, and employee development
  •   Single sign-on and integration with our HCM or payroll software

Goal Goal Management & Alignment: 

Performance Pro comes with goal tracking and strategic goal alignment for any process you create. 

  •   Add goals to any process you have (Performance Reviews, 90-Day Reviews, Development Plans, Quarterly/Mid-Year Reviews, Performance Improvement Plans, Etc.) 
  •   Give goals weight (across the board or weights specific to positions, departments, etc.)
  •   Link goals to strategies
  •   View analytics on goal progress
  •   View analytics on progression of strategic objectives

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