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HR Performance Solutions Training Options

Our experience is that innovative executives are constantly looking for new ways to better leverage the best HR technology in an effort to drive employee engagement and performance. Regardless of which training option you choose, we first encourage you to sign-up for our blog here. Once signed up, we'll send you a weekly email so that you'll have regular, but brief, insights into how the best HR technology can help you solve common, and sometimes complex, compensation and performance management challenges.

Optimization & Private Training

Optimization is our mutual ongoing committment to one another so that you can regularly see forward progress in how you and your executive team feel about your internal compensation and performance management results, especially in terms of how you leverage leading-edge software to impact both of those critical functions. To learn more please contact Janinne Kwasnik at Janinne.Kwasnik@hrperformancesolutions.net.

Public Training

Public training courses are designed to provide a comprehensive "refresher" of our software. Just click one of the links below to see available times.

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